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Whether it’s Churchill inspiring the British people to continue the fight during those first, dark days of World War II, or Coach Herb Brooks leading the US hockey team to a miraculous gold medal in the 1980 Olympics, great leaders inspire people to reach beyond themselves, to accomplish something greater together than they could ever do on their own.


But great leadership doesn’t just happen on the national stage. In my 20 years in the military, I led at the platoon and company level in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve “led up” while in the Pentagon, influencing Marine Corps and Navy policy changes at the institutional level.


On leaving the military, I introduced the leadership skills that I had learnt to the business world, providing operations and leadership support for a global online accountancy firm. So I know my techniques work both inside and outside the military.


My leadership coaching philosophy has evolved over my twenty year career with the Marine Corps and Navy. First, I learned how to take care of my team. Second, I learned the importance of constant, clear communication. Third, I learned how to listen. Fourth, I learned how to develop vision and to inspire greatness.


Leadership is absolutely a skill that can be learned. Most might assume that leadership coaching consists of exercises and rules to be followed. But leadership is an art, and it requires practice.


It all begins with values and vision - what’s most important to us, what are we trying to accomplish, and why? It depends on the team too, working together rather than as individuals. It succeeds with communication, determination and trust in each other.


My 45 minutes sessions fit within your busy schedule, while allowing us the time to delve deep into a substantive leadership discussion. I provide both individual or group sessions.


Get in touch using the form below, and let’s talk about how I can help you meet your personal and professional ideals.

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